• The IonoKey™ wristband:

    The first wristband in the world that allows the user to biometrically authenticate solely relying on the proven palm vein reading and with a continuous measure of physiological factors.

Advantages of the IonoKey™ wristband
compared to

traditional biometrics

  • Deployment:
    • There is no need to install a biometric reader at each door, computer, laptop, SCADA system, etc.. Only a few biometric readers at key access points are necessary;
    • The biometric readers do not need to be installed outside, getting rid of temperature, brightness, humidity issues that could arise;
    • Possibility of using an already existing badge infrastructure.
  • Private life protection:
    • There is no central biometric database, each biometric signature is directly stored in the wristband. Therefore, our solution follows the GDPR’s strict guidelines.
  • Use:
    • No need to reauthenticate between each access;
    • Possibility of adding all the functionalities of a connected wristband;
    • Easy and productive use.
  • Costs:
    • Cost-effective.

other security systems

  • No compromise: ease of badge’s use with biometrics’ security assurances;
  • Identity of the user guaranteed;
  • Non-transferable access rights;
  • Physical and logical access converged;
  • Economic and simple deployment of a biometric solution on an already existing security system;
  • No central biometric database (following the GDPR guidelines);
  • Integrated in the smartcards ecosystem;
  • Easy to adapt.
The IonoKey™ wristband is safer, highest performing and easiest to use of all the security systems on the market. But, we’ll let you compare:
IonoKey™ wristbandTraditional biometricsBadges and keysPasswordsTokens/Keys
Ease of use and ergonomic
Ease of deployment
Physical and logical access convergence
Private life protection
Adding additional functionalities

Does your company still use badges?

Learn how the IonoKey™ wristband can be integrated to your environment, in only a few days, and give you a more secure, flexible, and easy to use system, thanks to Augmented Biometrics™.