• Augmented Biometrics™ :

    The ease of badges’ use combined with the infallible security of the best biometrics.

  • Augmented Biometrics™ :

    Simple, rapid and economic deployment of the highest performing biometric system.

  • Augmented Biometrics™ :

    Cybersecurity is enforced, by guaranteeing the identity of the person accessing your data.

  • Augmented Biometrics™ :

    The perfect response to the strictest demands when it comes to the protection of private life.

Cyberattacks, terrorism, organized crime, espionage, unlawful acts: sensitive sites get increasingly serious threats. According to the World Energy Council’s last report, these threats represent one of the biggest concerns for CEOs and political leaders. Therefore, protecting critical infrastructures and sensitive information has become one of the biggest stakes in today’s world.

Biometrics could very well be the perfect solution for this growing security issue, given that we address the following needs: easy and economic deployment, an easy to use and ergonomic solution, effective and fluid access control, and respectful protection of private life.

Pioneers in the biometric, security and connected objects fields, Ionosys seized an opportunity by developing and patenting a new technology that perfectly answers to the new needs and demands our society faces today.

The IonoKey™ wristband continuously controls and guarantees the wristband’s holder’s identity, thanks to its patented technology of Augmented Biometrics™.

Augmented Biometrics™

The technology

Augmented Biometrics™ is a technology developed and patented by Ionosys that:

  1. Gives the certainty that the person authenticated on the biometric base is, in fact, the person wearing the IonoKey™ wristband
  2. Continuously controls that the IonoKey™ wristband stays on the wrist of its owner. Thanks to the liveness detection technology, developed by Ionosys. Specifically, the wristband deactivates as soon as it detects that it is opened or no longer on the wrist.

Because the IonoKey™ wristband is constantly guaranteeing the identity of the person wearing it, it is impossible for:

  • its owner to give or cede the bracelet to someone else
  • a third party to use it, if the wristband were lost or stolen


Our Augmented Biometrics™ solution combines the ease of badges’ use to the strongest biometric security system. In addition, our solution allows for a rapid and simple deployment, that is also cost effective. Finally, the solution follows the strictest guidelines when it comes to protecting private life.

The principle uses

The connected IonoKey™ wristband, using the Augmented Biometrics™ technology, gives the following key functionalities:

  • Physical access control
  • Logical access control
  • Electronic signature

The wristband also offers all the key functionalities in the current smart bands, such as geolocation, activity tracker, physiological measurements, alarm system for the isolated worker, stress detection, or even a secure safe.

Our solution seen by professionals

BFM – Au coeur du numérique

Eric Fievez, Director of digital factories at Suez, explains how the use of the Ionosys technology helped secure one of their water treatment plants.

Why do you need it?

Threats on sensitive sites are increasingly more serious. Without a foolproof security solution, the economic, human, social and environmental consequences could be disastrous.

Do you need to:

  • Reinforce the security of a critical infrastructure or the access to sensitive information?
  • Deploy or change easily towards a biometric solution?
  • Set up an electronic signature system that is reliable and efficient?

Contact us to find out how our solution can reinforce your company’s security.