• Ionosys

    A complex network of knowledge, skill in the fields of biometrics, security and smart objects.

Ionosys works as a network of skills and knowledge in the fields of biometrics, security and smart objects.

Today, numerous experts in the fields of biometrics, security, cybersecurity, smart objects are working to elaborate the innovative solution of Augmented Biometrics™.


Stéphane Blondeau

Founder and CTO

After working for 15 years as an engineer for big companies, Stephane saw the need to better the current security protocols and systems. He invents Augmented Biometrics™ and starts his own company, Ionosys.

Philippe Castella

Managing Partner

With more than 25 years of managerial experience for international security companies, Philippe brings his skills in the field to create the proper awareness around Ionosys.


Dr Claude Barral

Biometrics and security expert

Internationally renowned as one of the best biometrics and security experts, he helped Ionosys develop a flawless product that is going to revolutionize security for sensitive fields.

Clients and Partners

Our strategy

Our strategy is to sell the IonoKey wristbands through the intermediary of integrators or confirmed value added resellers (VAR). If you would be interested in working with us and representing Ionosys and the IonoKey™ wristband, please contact us.