• Augmented Biometrics™:

    an innovative technology allowing a biometric authentication of the IonoKey™ wristband’s owner.

Augmented Biometrics™ is an innovative technology allowing the IonoKey™ wristband to authenticate with certainty, the person wearing it, thanks to our patented liveness detection technology. When the user authenticates on the biometric base, the wristband will, in the first place, make sure that it is on the living wrist of its owner. Then, it’ll use the highest performing biometric solution, palm vein reading. This second step of authentication is possible by our patented liveness detection technology, it also allows to keep the wristband activated as it senses when it’s on a wrist. Because it is impossible to transfer, the wristband integrates a “biometric certificate” of the person wearing it.

The IonoKey™ wristband can then be used for physical and logical access control, as well as an electronic signature. It benefits from the badges’ ease of use but with the stricter security from the biometrics

Therefore, our technology allows to significantly increase security, all the while guaranteeing an ergonomic and easy to use solution. Contrary to “traditional” biometrics, there is no need for the user to authenticate every time: only one authentication a day is necessary, once the user is authenticated on the biometric base, the band acts like a badge.


Rapid, simple and cost-effective deployment

Our technology allows for a rapid, simple and cost-effective deployment of the most effective form of biometrics today. Indeed, with our solution, you do not need to install biometric readers at every logical or physical access point, you also won’t need a complex IT network; you only need to add the few biometric readers needed at the key access points. Our solution works with all standard badge-entry protocols.

Private life protection

Augmented Biometrics™ follow rigorous ideals and demands for private life protection by following the GDPR’s strict guidelines. Our solution doesn’t require that we set up a central biometric database.

Multiple functionalities

The IonoKey™ wristband, on demand, can have all the functionalities of a smart band, such as geolocation, activity and physiological trackers, stress and emotion measurements, secure communications between other smart objects, protection of the isolated worker and secure data backup.