How the IonoKey™ wristband works is as simple as it is efficient


During the enrolling phase (that only happens once), the biometric signature of the user is securely saved in the IonoKey™ wristband assigned to him.


When the user puts on his IonoKey™ wristband, he authenticates on the base that checks that he is in fact the owner of the bracelet, with a biometric reading. The base compares the palm vein reading with the biometric signature stored in the band.


The IonoKey™ wristband verifies that it is closed and on a live wrist with our innovative technology of liveness detection.


Indeed, it is going to simultaneously analyze the heart rate on the wrist wearing the IonoKey™ wristband and on the middle finger, during authentication. Both heart rates must be identical.


Once steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 are done, the IonoKey™ wristband activates.


The IonoKey™ wristband remains active as long as it detects that it is worn.


The IonoKey™ wristband can now be used the same way as you would a badge, for both physical and logical access, all the while guaranteeing the identity on the person wearing it.