The IonoKey™ wristband was designed to guarantee the best possible protection of sensitive places and to offer traceable industrial processes and performances in healthcare.

Securing sensitive sites

  • Sensitive industrial sites (e.g.: nuclear plants, electrical plants, water treatment plants, chemical factories, pharma plants, etc.)
  • Port and airport infrastructures
  • Storage warehouses for high value goods (luxury, watchmaking, pharma)
  • Laboratories, databases, R&D centers
  • Military and government facilities
  • Prisons
  • Aviation construction and maintenance sites
  • Secured transport
  • Headquarters

Physical access control

Enforcing your infrastructures’ security. For companies who already have a badge-access security system who wish to reinforce it, we offer our solution, a rapid, cost-effective and easy biometric system.

Cybersecurity and logical access control

Enforcing access to your data and sensitive information

  • IT systems (laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, servers, etc.) are protected
  • Access to SCADA systems is protected.
  • Automatic lock of the user session when said user walks away
  • Patient medical records are protected (for health area)


Electronic signature and traceability for sensitives processes demanding a strict governance:

  • Aeronautical maintenance
  • Pharmaceutical processes
  • Medical devices manufacturing
  • Secure transports
  • Safekeeping

According to the World Energy Council’s last report, threats of a cyberattack for energy companies are increasingly more serious.

“The Issues Monitor illustrates that innovation issues such as digitalisation, decentralisation, innovative market design and electric storage rapidly gain traction, while a more difficult growth context and new physical and digital risks are posing ever greater threats to the energy sector.”

Christoph Frei, Secretary General, World Energy Council 

Source: publication on the website

Our solution seen by professionals

BFM – Au coeur du numérique

Eric Fievez, Director of digital factories at Suez, explains how the use of the Ionosys technology helped secure one of their water treatment plants.

Does your company still use badges?

Learn how the IonoKey™ wristband can be integrated to your environment, in only a few days, and give you a more secure, flexible, and easy to use system, thanks to Augmented Biometrics™.