Key functionalities

Physical control access

  • The different access points of the company are protected;
  • Storage areas are protected;
  • Access authorization to vehicles and machinery;
  • Physical access control compliant with most norms (ISO14443A/B) and standards (Mifare Classic/Mifare Desfire).

Logical control access

  • IT systems (laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, servers, etc.) are protected;
  • Access to SCADA systems is protected. Automatic lock of the user session when user walks away;
  • Logical access control compliant with most norms (ISO14443A/B) and standards (Mifare Classic, PKCS#11, FIDO-UAF).

Electronic signature

  • Actions and interventions have a guaranteed traceability and conformity (for example in the medical or aviation industries);
  • Authorization to proceed for habilitated workers;
  • Collection and administration of the proof;
  • Protection of sensitive information, cyphering management.

Continued surveillance

  • Protection of isolated workers;
  • Real time location of collaborators;
  • The wristband can analyze a collaborator’s stress levels. Thus, it can block access if said collaborator is under duress or isn’t in a position to do his work.

Behavioral control

  • Integrated in the wristband are an accelerometer and physiological reader, capable of measuring multiple variables (stress levels, unusual moves, etc.).

Connected functions

  • Easy implementation of all standard functionalities in smart objects, such as activity tracker, geolocation, payments, secure database and more.